interesting article but missed one point here:

> It would be ignorant not to consult with them and have a thorough analysis of what Adobe XD is lacking in comparison to Figma and how difficult is it to build the missing parts.


it isn't the feature-parity that adobe needed to dethrone figma, it is the customers it needed.

and it's hard to get customers when you are as big as figma in the ui world.

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David Wadhwani also worked in Adobe between 2005 - 2015. He was my manager on Adobe Flex Builder.

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That was well-written Wenting! I (like everyone probably) was surprised just at the acquisition. After reading your blog, I find the acquisition tainted and dirty... sure regulators will do their job and ferret out any nefarious. Still... the valuation part.

Also, don't worry about your portfolio unless you were planning on using it! I had this kind of thing happen to me... not much you can do after the fact just wait patiently.

Thanks for writing that post - really thought-provoking!

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David Wadwhani was an SVP at Adobe for over a decade. (The very LinkedIn page you cited shows that.)

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