Launching Again

Week 6 of Founding Typogram

Hey friends! Sorry that I am late -- I have a good reason, I promise.

As I have mentioned in a few previous newsletters, I am working on a font selection tool combining my interest and passion: font and LowCode. helps engineers choose the perfect font for their coding environment in an exciting, tournament-style, gamified experience. I created the app entirely using NoCode / LowCode tools. 

This week, we are finally ready to launch Coding Font! As I wrote the message, it is currently live on Product Hunt and Hacker News, and I would love your support! If you have an account, help us upvote these posts. It is OK if you don’t have an account; please share the link with friends who would enjoy the project!

In this process, I am learning marketing. Marketing is something I always feel more “meh” about. Like many engineers, I’m not too fond of marketing, but I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to challenge myself on this topic. We have launched another product on PH before as a test. We did minimal marketing during that launch; for this time, we want to create more momentum and maximize our launch. 

We plan to post our launch content on various forums like Indiehackers and Reddit. We are very prepared this time. My partner-in-crime Hua has written copies for those sites beforehand. That way, when it’s time, we can focus on sharing instead of writing on the go. This is a strategy she uses to grow her newsletter.

I’m also interested in collaborating and creating How-to content around Coding Font, and that’s what I did. For this launch, I partnered with Retool to create a long-form content piece detailing how I made many of the technical aspects of Coding Font. Since we have never done this kind of partnership as a marketing strategy before, I’m pretty excited to see how it will turn out! It will be published later this week, stay tuned!

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