A New Beginning

Week 1 of Founding Typogram

Greetings, friends! After completing 30 Days of Starting Up and then a week of break, we are back with the brand new weekly format! It will continue to be in the same 2 mins read form (as you requested) but with a twist - stay till the end to see it!

While I was away from reporting daily, I was full steam ahead on wrapping up the Coding Font project. This project was a spinoff from a Retool tutorial that I wrote on Day 23 where I demonstrated how to make a Google Fonts UI in 30 mins. Leveraged by Google Fonts API and no code toolings, a new idea of helping programmers find coding fonts emerged. I covered the initial prototype phase in Day 24’s newsletter. Last week, I did:

  • purchase a new domain and connect it to an interim landing page: codingfont.com

  • create a launch plan

  • design branding and marketing graphics for the project

Founder to Founder Tip

I recommend registering domains to the maximum period that you can get. I registered the codingfont.com domain for ten years. Three reasons:

  • Once in a while, I would stumble upon an old posting of an interesting product on producthunt or similar sites, but it is linked to a dead URL. It is a shame and a missed opportunity; even if the project is dead, it could showcase the archived project and lead traffic to your latest project.

  • If the project is successful, you will need the domain for many years to come, but the renewal price will be jacked up significantly. There are coupons for registering new domains but rarely any promotion for domain renewal. You will get a much better deal when first registering it. 

  • Paying for ten years filters out unnecessary impulsive purchases. I was a domain hoarder, and I fell into the trap quickly when I saw a “good” domain on sale. $0.99 for a .com for the first year? Take my money! It stopped once I exclusively registered domains for ten years. The higher cost helps keep my hoarding tendency at bay.

Founder’s Best Friend List

- a weekly listicle of helpful links for startup founders!

Retool for Startups

link: https://retool.com/startups/

Use Retool free for a year to quickly build admin panels, dashboards, and internal tools without losing focus.

SaaS Headline Formulas

link: https://www.getscrapbook.com/saas-headline-formulas

Use these formulas to create a clear and compelling headline for your product and convert more traffic.

Code faster with AI completions

link: https://www.tabnine.com/

Push your productivity with the power of Tabnine’s all-language AI-assisted code completion

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